Monthly Archives: October 2018

A doctor’s visit

We were lucky to have Dr Lindon in Oak Class today. She brought along a lot of interesting things we could examin. She told us more about the types of foods we should be eating to make our bones stronger. She also talked about why exercise is good for us.


Road Safety Training

Today we learnt the Green Cross Code! Mrs Kinderman, our crossing patrol officer helped us to cross the road safely.  We know that we must STOP, LOOK and LISTEN  and cross the road holding an adult’s hand.

We also discussed the importance of wearing our viz jackets everyday to school.  Thank you to The Finlay Foundation for the free donation of high viz jackets.


A visit from the dental hygienist

We are learning all about ourselves and how to keep ourselves healthy and safe. As part of this topic, we looked at dental hygiene. We were lucky to have Mrs Bradly, a dental hygienist in Oak Class today. She talked about healthy and unhealthy foods and explained why a sugary snack should be eaten after a meal.  The children practised the correct method for brushing teeth on a variety of fun models. They all received a goody bag to take home today.

In the woods

We listened to the story of The Gruffalo and  talked about different animal homes and habitats. We felt quite sorry for the Gruffalo as he did not have a home of his own. So, we decided to build him a den! Our dens had a fire, to keep him warm, a soft bed made out of leaves, a bathroom, footpath and garden.


We made our own ‘desert’ terrariums today. We used layers of small stones, charcoal and soil. We then added cuttings of succulent desert plants and finally watered them before adding our desert creatures.