Monthly Archives: October 2015

Global Week – Ireland 

Ms Menzies, a mummy from our class came into Oak and talked about Southern Ireland. She shared photographs of her family who live near Dublin. We listened to some Irish music and had a go at dancing to it. Ms Menzies then retold an Irish folktale and we finished off the afternoon tasting soda bread – delicious! 


Woodland Play

We went to the woods with Sycamore Class today. We made rubbings of a variety of natural materials found in the woods using chalk and wax crayons. We made rubbings of leaves, bark, sticks and feathers. We then played Speedy Treasure Hunt where we needed to find the items called out by the adult.


Woodland Play

We worked in teams to build  our fairy houses.  We used logs, twigs, acorns, feathers, moss and other natural materials we found in the woods.  We had to plan what our houses were going to look like and the materials we would need. We were very proud of our fairy houses!

SAM_0353 DSCF5463