Art Week 2019

This year’s theme is “This is me”. Celebrating  individuality and varied talents .  The children created a creature made up of a variety of different animals whose characteristics they admire.

They also decorated pebbles which will be displayed in  Finaly’s Garden and produced  self portraits using Picasso’s paintings as inspiration.


Are we an eco-friendly school?

We carried out a survey to find out if we were an eco-friendly school.

These are the following things we noted.

Posters to remind everyone to recycle and conserve energy and water.

Recycling bins for rubbish and food waste.

 Water butts

 Plastic plant pots are reused.

Benches made out of  recycled plastic waste.

Air source heat pump to produce under-floor heating.

Water from the rainwater harvester tank used for flushing toilets.

 Tyres used as planting beds.


A wooden log used a bicycle rack.  We concluded that we are an eco-friendly school!